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Feb 6, 2023

We discuss the three essential elements that Daniel believes should be found in every single sermon. 

Dec 7, 2022

William talks about the importance of letting others critique our sermons, the dangers of ‘trampoline preaching’ and why he wishes he had preached through Acts earlier in his ministry.  

Nov 17, 2022

Steve talks about the supernatural element of preaching, allowing the text to change your mind and why prep needs to start a week before most people think.  

Oct 5, 2022

Rob explains the power of stories in our preaching and the way to reach everyday people. He also talks about the danger of pride and when our sermons are too interesting.  

Sep 21, 2022

Gavin is a former professional footballer and BBC pundit who is currently an associate pastor in Canada. We talk about his journey from the pitch to the pulpit and various aspects pf preaching.