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Jun 14, 2022

In this podcast Helen talks about her 30 years of experience giving Bible talks and why she thinks churches should be better at training women for complementarian ministry.  

May 9, 2022

John has forty years preaching experience and currently trains people to preach. In this episode we’ll find out whether preachers are born or made and why a sermon is like a lot like a house!   

Apr 6, 2022

Stephen shares how he has preached through depression for all of his ministry and how his sermons have to be tailored for a bilingual congregation. He also comments on whether there is a pulpit crisis in the UK.

Mar 23, 2022

Former pastor and itinerant Bible teacher Stuart Reynolds talks about the cost of strong preaching and why some of his best sermons have never been preached.   

Mar 10, 2022

Dan explains why we should preach ‘magnetically’ and whether Mark Driscoll was right about UK preachers. Dan also tells us why some of his best sermons started with prep in the shower.