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Nov 11, 2022

Acton Academy was one of the very first national microschool networks to get started back in 2010, before microschools, or small, mixed-age, personalized learning environments, became one of the fastest-growing and most popular educational trends of the 21st century. Founded in Austin, Texas by Laura and Jeff Sandefer, Acton Academy now has about 280 independently run but Acton-affiliated schools in more than 30 states and 25 countries. 

Its growth and impact is continuing and accelerating, as Acton gains notoriety among parents, learners, and entrepreneurial educators. One of the latest Acton microschools to open is Acton Academy Fort Lauderdale, that was launched recently by our guest today, Tobin Slaven, along with his wife Martina.

Rising Demand for Learner-Driven Education Spurs Acton Academy Growth (

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