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Aug 23, 2022

Lainie Liberti is an author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement. She is also a mentor and source of inspiration for those of us who embrace the philosophy of non-coercive, self-directed education, or "unschooling." 

Lainie co-founded Project World School with her son Miro in 2012. They run teen retreats as month-long immersive learning communities to support self-directed teens from around the world.

In 2020, Lainie founded a new organization, Transformative Mentoring for Teens, that offers virtual, one-on-one coaching for teenagers as well as intensive, multi-week courses. Lainie is an adolescent behavioral specialist, certified life coach, and author of the new book, Seen, Heard & Understood: Parenting & Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health.