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Apr 28, 2023

In the South Bronx, the teachers at the Wildflower New York Charter School are creating a nurturing space for children’s intellectual and emotional development. Located in the Morrisania neighborhood, the charter school is a collection of three separate Montessori microschools that priorize child-led learning, including for the more than 30% of their students with identified special needs. 

The Wildflower New York Charter School is part of the national Wildflower Montessori’s network of microschools that is focused on activating and supporting teacher-entrepreneurs to serve their local neighborhoods within an intentionally small, mixed-age, personalized setting. 

Our guests today are Aura Cely and Mario Benabe two of the teacher-entrepreneurs who helped to open the Wildflower New York Charter School in the fall of 2020. 

New York Post article on innovative NYC charter schools

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