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Brothers of the Serpent

Aug 29, 2018

After some excellent Spaceweathernews updates Russ goes through some missing information he missed when discussing missing people in episode 61. This eventually leads to a brief discussion on the topic of alien abductions, implants, and the possible connections to shamanism.

In the second half of the show, we read portions of Graham Hancock's book Underworld, in which he describes the mysterious pyramids dotting the tropical jungles of Maldive islands that are off limits to tourists, and what this might mean regarding possible submerged ruins in and around the Maldives.
This then leads to the topic of rock-cut temples found around the world, and how they are basically impossible to explain as being cut by hand using conventional tools.

Fireball orbits intersecting Earth



Shiva Linga


Konark Temple


Wheels of Konark



Note the incredible detail


The top portion has no detail. Note the sharp horizontal line across the wheel where the detail stops
The Maldives


Maldive Islands and atolls


A Google Earth view of the Maldives