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Brothers of the Serpent

Aug 13, 2020

We talk with Glenn Kreisberg, author of Spirits in Stone, about the many megaliths, dolmens, standing stones, and stone effigy sites in the northeastern U.S.

Although there are undoubtedly many colonial artifacts like stone piles and stone border walls throughout the northeastern United States, Glenn describes how some of these sites display celestial and internal alignments that make them unlikely to be the constructions of farmers clearing land and marking borders. He also gives several ways of trying to determine if one is looking at a "colonial" construction, or something much more ancient and interesting.

We also briefly discuss some of his work on Malta, and the seemingly anomalous acoustical properties of the Hypogeum.

You can find Glenn's book at the link above, and follow his work at his website,

This episode's show art was made by Henry Hablak. Check out his website and follow him on instagram.




Art by Henry Hablak