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Brothers of the Serpent

Sep 10, 2020

 This week we are joined by Ed Nightingale to discuss his extensive work on the layout of the Giza monuments. Ed has uncovered a "master plan", a kind of architectural mathematical layout of the Giza plateau that incorporates sacred geometry and encodes precessional numbers and universal constants like pi, phi, and the speed of light.

The concepts themselves are relatively simple geometric processes, but they are difficult to explain using only words, so Ed shows us some slides during the show. These slides will be available in the YouTube version of the show, we encourage you all to watch it!

We will be having Ed on in future shows to get more into the material, as this show was mostly an overview of the process and a quick look at some of the geometry.

Ed's website: The Giza Template

Get Ed's book from Amazon: The Giza Template