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Brothers of the Serpent

Oct 11, 2020

Kyle was out of town for most of this week so this show was late, but on Friday night we finally managed to get in the Tangent Cube and record it. We're starting a new SnakeBros book report, this one on Laird Scranton's excellent book The Velikovsky Heresies.

On this episode we cover Laird's intro to the book and the first few chapters, discussing the controversy that Velikovsky's work caused, and Laird's purpose in writing the book, which was to see if Velikovsky's ideas hold up to modern science and the enormous amount of new understanding we have gathered about our solar system since the writing Velikovsky's works.


Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.


Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!