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Brothers of the Serpent

Dec 31, 2020

This is our final episode for 2020, and we streamed it live to the Discord, which is always fun. The Watcher was there, plus a lot of the Discord Snakeforce, trolling us non-stop in the chats while we recorded the episode.

We had a lot of listener emails backed up, plus we had a "stack of stuff" that we hadn't yet gotten to on the show, so for this episode we go through all the emails and respond to them, plus we read some articles on possible alien signals being detected, the sun may be actually about to enter into a really powerful new solar cycle rather than a weak one, and a jeweler who uses ultrasonic tools that leave very similar marks on the stones he works, as what is often seen in Egypt, Peru, and other places with mysterious ancient stonework.

In the last segment, Kyle talks about his renewed interest in the "search for dark matter" being undertaken by standard model physicists, what he is learning, what he hopes to learn, and what he thinks so far about what he is discovering. Dark matter, and dark energy, may be part of a resonant effect that permeates the entirety of the observable universe.

See you all in 2021!