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Brothers of the Serpent

Mar 13, 2021

We return again to swapcasting with Ben from UnchartedX, and this week we are also joined by Jahannah James (check out her youtube channel here) who was on the recent Egypt trip with Ben. The four of us go through Ben's footage and their observations and memories of the trip and the sites of the Karnak and Luxor temples in Egypt. We discuss the beautiful dynastic architecture, and how it seems to be surrounding and enclosing objects of a much different and possibly much more ancient nature....the monolithic statues and obelisks, for example.

There are also incredibly beautiful monolithic doorways carved from single pieces of hard stone, some of which seem to have undergone a mysterious event that caused incredible damage to them.
We ponder these mysteries and many more as we look at the footage and the imagery that Ben provides. And yes, we know that it is sometimes frustrating to listen to something like this when you can't see the visuals. The video will be up soon on all of our channels, so look for it there, and thanks for your patience.