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Brothers of the Serpent

Oct 8, 2021

We're finally back from our Scablands trip and long road journey home, and, with only a week before we leave for Egypt, we plan to release a couple of episode to make up for the weeks we missed.

Ben from UnchartedX was with us in the Scablands, so we got to hang out and get to know him better, and we agreed to do an episode together before we headed off to Egypt.
Unlike our earlier swapcasts with Ben, this one is audio only and consists of a great philosophical discussion about the reasons we are fascinated with ancient mysteries and why we make these podcasts and videos. We talk about the origins of life, consciousness and spirituality, the rise and fall of civilization and intelligence, aliens and UFOs. We talk about Egypt and Peru and exploring ancient ruins, and at the end we go over the itinerary for our upcoming trip to Egypt.