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Brothers of the Serpent

Jan 22, 2022

This week we welcome another listener and long time supporter of the show on as a guest to talk about his explorations of the area in which he lives. Brandon Ricks, AKA "HistoryShift", who has been making our YouTube videos for years, has immersed himself in the exploration of the public wilderness areas near his home in Montana, where there are many fascinating geological formations, some of which are so strange that it raises the question of possible human construction or at least modification.

We did record video for this episode, so if you want to see the many photos and videos Brandon showed us of his discoveries, look for the YouTube video, which will be up as soon as Brandon finishes it.
You can also see many more images and videos at Brandon's website, and you can even get google earth coordinates and maps, if you're interested in hiking out to see these formations yourself.