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Brothers of the Serpent

Jan 27, 2022

Time for a book report.

We've been wanting to do Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned for a while now, as in many ways it is the foundation of much of modern investigations into the strange, weird, and wonderful. As always, we begin by reading through the various intros and forwards to the book. There is an introduction by Jim Steinmeyer, which gives us some insight into Fort himself and his life. Then there is Fort's own introduction to The Book of the Damned, which gives us some insight into his goals and some of his thinking regarding the subjects of the book. It also gives us an introduction into Fort's unique style of writing.
After these two intros, we begin tackling the main subjects, starting with strange atmospheric effects, colored hail, and weird rain.
You can get The Book of the Damned from Amazon here:
Audible version by Grimerica:
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