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Brothers of the Serpent

May 19, 2022

Jahannah recently got involved with the team from the "Builders of the Ancient Mysteries" documentary to help them with the English narration, and she's become fascinated by the mystery of the  amazing rock-cut chambers in India called the "Barabar Caves".
These chambers are explored in the documentary itself, along with many other megalithic mysteries of the ancient world, and the BAM team is working on a new documentary that focuses on the Barabar Caves.

Jahannah joins us to talk about her work with the BAM team, her fascination with the Barabar Caves, and possible upcoming trips to visit these enigmatic chambers.

There is video for this episode! Check it out on our YouTube channel:


Visit the BAM website to see the new version of the documentary with Jahannah's narration:

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