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Brothers of the Serpent

Jun 29, 2023

This was a live-to-youtube stream where we are joined in the Cube by Laura to talk about the Cosmic Summit, the many great speakers and presentations there, and to respond to listener communications and live chat questions.

Thanks to all of you who joined the live show!


Here is our affiliate link for purchasing the...

Jun 15, 2023

(The first half of the show is the presentation Russ will be delivering at the Cosmic Summit. It is heavy on the visuals, if you want to skip past it to the discussion, go to 1:20:30)


We've been condensing and refining this presentation in preparation for the Cosmic Summit, and we wanted to publish it here before it...

Jun 9, 2023

Luke is an Anthropology student who specializes in the study of the ancient Maya. He is also one of the presenters for the Cosmic Summit. When we heard what Luke was going to talk about at the Summit, we decided we had to get him on the show. We contacted him, and it turned out he was right in our area, so he drove out...

Jun 1, 2023

We went live on youtube again for another Listener Communications episode, with Laura(SnakeWife) in studio. Thank you all for the wonderful emails, maybe soon we will actually get caught up!