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Brothers of the Serpent

Apr 12, 2018

What's a show about fringe science, alternative cosmologies, ancient mysteries, and snakes without some good ole' Chinese Dragons surfing the enormous Universe-Waves of the Cosmic Æther while Thunderbolts of the Gods flash between planets/stars/galaxies keeping those islands of light and warmth energized as oases against the Stygian Darkness of the in-between, where nothing is, yet from whence all nightmares come; without Pyramids as Catalysts for a gold-dust Tesla-inspired Supershield against the catastrophic chaos of intra-solar gravito-electric regime-change and shifting plasma sheaths of suns, without the ponderous zodiacal Wheel of Time spinning backward in prediction of all things future?

Nothing, that's what.

But this show, ladies and gentlemen, delivers.

'Nuff said. Enjoy.

Pics because it happened. Below is a selection from the Arp Catalogue of Peculiar Galaxies:


















Plasma forms that ancient man may have seen in the skies. The one on the left in particular may be the origin of the "crouching shaman" shape below. 

More plasma forms
Ancient Chinese Seismoscope. The spheres held in the dragons' mouths would drop into the mouths of the frogs, indicating the direction of an earthquake. 


Seismoscope was invented by this guy, who probably only invented things like seismoscopes in his spare time away from being a wispy bearded kung fu badass. 


The Carolina Bays


This sizable bay is referred to as "Grass Lake" by the indigenous suburbanite natives in the area


LIDAR scan showing the landscape covered in the elliptical shapes of the bays
Map of the eastern and central US, showing locations of known bay structures, and their common origin in the great lakes becomes clear