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Brothers of the Serpent

Dec 12, 2018

We talk with Walter Bosley on his book "Secret Missions II: The Lost Expedition of Sir Richard Francis Burton", which, if you haven't read it...go read it.

Right now. We'll wait.



Done? Ah yes, you have the classic "omg my mind is blown" facial expression. Good. We talk about that mind blowing book in this episode, and more.

For those who have seen the movie "The Lost City of Z" about the adventures of Col. Percy Fawcett, this is like that, only more. And before. Basically, the stuff in that movie happened because of the stuff in Bosley's book.

You can find Walter Bosley on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter at @WBBosley. His books are available on lulu. He also has a blog called Empire of the Wheel .