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Brothers of the Serpent

Feb 14, 2019

In this episode we do a deep-dive into German Engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink's exploration of the mysterious "air shafts" in the Great Pyramid, reading at length from his website where he meticulously records every detail of the project to use a robotic crawler to drive a camera up the shafts and inspect them up close, block by block, culminating in the discovery of the now infamous "secret door".

So many interesting features were discovered by Gantenbrink and his "Upuaut" robot, most of which were so overshadowed by the "door" that these other details are rarely reported. We remedy that with this show.

(All the pictures below come from Gantenbrink's website,

Settling of the shaft blocks


"Dixon's Rod"


An illustration showing the partially completed shaft block, which the robot could not pass


Block assembly where one of the King's Chamber shaft ends on the exterior of the pyramid


Entering the "Mankiller" tunnel


Cleaning the access to exterior shaft point


The 100 year old wheeled "battering ram"


Installing the protective cover over an exterior shaft exit


Recessed niches in King's Chamber shaft. You can see the laser dots on the wall, inside the niches


Ventilator blower


Upuaut 2 entering a shaft


Lateral displacement of a shaft block


Static forces damaged the floor block of the shaft, making a giant "tank trap" step up to the next block


The infamous "door"


Close-up of the copper rods, with circular "seals" discoloration


Graphic showing shaft block arrangement


Shaft block assembly


Shaft block assembly, showing how the builders changed block sizes to keep the assembly from sliding down into the chambers


Strange vertical shaft seam(it looks tilted from the robot's perspective)


Dixon's "hook"


Black mark on the shaft wall, with horizontal chisel marks across it


Double vertical black mark with chisel marks


Object with two holes in it, beneath Dixon's Rod


Wooden square rod trapped beneath Dixon's Rod


Dixon's Rod curving to the right where it is jammed against the wall. To the left is the square rod, with a mysterious boxy shape barely visible at the far end of it


Very rough block surfaces


Horizontal "Scratch lines" along the block wall, just above floor level


Remnants of mortar glue stuck to shaft wall


More glue in a different area


Floor groove


A second floor groove


Graphic depicting saw being used to clean the sides of casing stones


Groove beneath casing stone seam


Broken piece of copper rod from the "door"


Fine Limestone natural veins visible in cieling


Remnants of gypsum on copper rod


Bottom right corner of the "door"