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Brothers of the Serpent

Oct 15, 2020

For part two of our deep dive into The Velikovsky Heresies by Laird Scranton, we talk about the mechanics of the solar system, of circular orbits, of retrograde motion. We talk about the "n-body problem" of physics and how the motions of all the bodies in the solar system is, over the long term, an exercise in chaos mathematics.

We read about how Velikovsky was in communication with Einstein before his death, and that Einstein was skeptical at first but was impressed when one of Velikovsky's predictions proved to be accurate. We read about ancient records comparing Venus to comets and supernova that were visible in the daytime, and about the strange properties of the core of Jupiter.


Much thanks to our friends over at Inner Traditions for allowing us to read large excerpts from one of their publications. Make sure to visit their online store and purchase a copy of The Velikovsky Heresies for yourself, or you can get it from Amazon.


Thanks to Henry Hablak for the awesome show art!