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Brothers of the Serpent

Dec 10, 2021

We are joined this week by Sebastian Lonberg, an audio engineer from Sweden who was with us on the Egypt trip. Sebastian was very interested in the resonant properties of the sites and objects we visited, and we had great discussions with him while we were there about his thoughts and theories on these effects.

On this episode we talk about our overall thoughts on the acoustics and the possible reasons for them. Sebastian also reads from an excellent article by Tom Danley about his explorations of the acoustical properties of the great pyramid in the late 1990s. A link to this article can be found below.
We had planned on going through some of our own recordings of the various resonant properties we investigated, but we didn't have time to get to it on this show, so we will probably be recording another episode with Sebastian soon.




The Great Pyramid: Early Reflections & Ancient Echoes by Tom Danley

Associate Executive Producers:

Antonio Kasljevic
Gregg Taylor