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Waking The Wild Woman Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

In this Episode Erin Werley, the author of the best selling book on Amazon joined me to talk about her book - " One Truth, One Law, I am, I Create" which is a roadmap to oneness, manifestation, and the Universe. This episode will help you connect to your own inner guidance and magic!


Mar 16, 2022

Robert Broten, a mental performance coach for high performance athletes joined Alyssa in this episode to dive deep into discussing the unconscious mind. You do not need to be  an athlete to gain so much from this episode! Alyssa and Robert discussed how to uncover limiting beliefs, how to release stored trauma, how...

Mar 6, 2022

What an incredible episode! Patrick Haize Joined Alyssa to share his powerful story of being addicted to heroin, which ended in an underground clinic in mexico where he took a plant medicine that saved his life. Patrick has made a mind-blowing transformation in his own life and is now helping others do the same.