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Body Wisdom Academy

Nov 20, 2023

Episode Highlights: psilocybin, ayahuasca, truth, spirituality

Summary: On this week's edition of HOT Topics, Alyssa and Kaylor jam on plant based medicine and spiritual experiences. In this epsidoe they discuss:

  • Their own personal experiences with plant based medicines and the approaches they are taking with their own...

Nov 2, 2023

Episode Highlights: being single, celibate, toxic relationships, relationship reset, healthy relationships, healing through relationship


Summary:  Welcome to another edition of Hot Topics where Kaylor and Alyssa jam on relationships which include:


  • Why Alyssa chose a path of being single and celibate for the last...

Oct 30, 2023


Episode Highlights: Bad days, dating apps, relationships


 On today’s episode, Kaylor and Alyssa dive into:


  • “Messy days” and not resisting them and having the human experience to just to move through your emotions

  • Last week’s episode on 11:11 and what has happened since

  • Kaylor and Alyssa’s thoughts...

Oct 1, 2023


Welcome back to another episode! I am thrilled to share this powerful conversation I had with Steven Jaggers, the founder of SomatIQ Breathwork who has made a massive impact in my own life. SomatIQ Breathwork is new modality designed to help get you out of your thinking mind into your body's electrical network, it is...

Sep 28, 2023

Episode Highlights: empaths, spirituality, spiritual bypassing, new age, mediums, synchroncities, escapism.

We are back with another episode of HOT Topics with Alyssa & Kaylor. Here's what they got into this week:

Morning habits and how being on your device first thing in the morning affects your dopamine levels.