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Waking The Wild Woman Podcast

Feb 11, 2024

Episode Highlights: sex, masterbation, celibacy, semen rentention, desensitization, foreplay, values.

Summary: Welcome to this week's edition of HOT Topcs where Kaylor and Alyssa dive into the ULTIMATE Hot Topic...SEX! In this week's episode, they discuss:

  • Masterbation and chanelling sexual energy into creativity
  • The practice of semen rentention
  • The destruction porn and societal conditioning is having on men and relationships
  • The importance of foreplay to feel connected and to extend pleasure
  • Alyssa's practice of celibacy and being intentional with sex
  • Going on your own exploration of sex and discovering your values around it
  • The importance of being able to communicate your desires and boundaries with your partner
  • An exploration of polyamourous relationships

Alyssa's IG: @thealyssastefanson

Kaylor's IG: @thekaylorbetts