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Body Wisdom Academy

Apr 3, 2024

Join Alyssa as she shares her journey of building a 6-figure online coaching business in under 8 months, all while working just a few hours a day, and a few days per week. In this episode Alyssa shares:

  • How exploring the power of working with your menstrual cycle, natal chart, and human design can propel you forward in your life purpose.
  • Valuable insights on standing out in a saturated coaching market and the rise of the need for somatic practitioners in the industry
  •  The importance of investing in yourself, providing value, and building a supportive community
  • The significance of alignment, embodiment, and authentic networking in building a thriving coaching practice with purpose and passion.

Follow Alyssa on IG: @thealyssastefanson and click the link in her bio to book a free call and inquire about the Pain To Purpose Academy.

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