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AVTE Attitude

Aug 17, 2022

Recorded: March 9, 2022

Melyssa Allen holds her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Florida, is a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional, and is pursuing her board certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. Melyssa has firsthand experience witnessing the dedication of veterinary professionals in their careers while she worked as an animal trainer with the Navy's Marine Mammal Program and SeaWorld Orlando.

Melyssa currently works as a Clinician Well- Being Coach in a large healthcare organization and recognized the opportunity to provide support services to veterinary professionals given the limited number of resources currently available. Using her training in mental health, wellness coaching, and lifestyle medicine, Melyssa expanded the Mind-Body-Thrive Lifestyle to include specialized services and programs dedicated to promoting well-being among veterinary professionals.

In this episode of AVTE Attitude learn about:

  • What can educators do to better themselves and live a healthier life?
  • What should we be telling and modeling for our students?
  • Differences between “normal” wellbeing philosophy and veterinary well being.
  • How to start a conversation with someone you are worried about that isn't "Wow you look terrible".