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We’re Donna and Audrey, two friends whose conversations are ALWAYS messy. In our unscripted, long-form talks,  we find the magic in who we really are and call BS on what we avoid and resist. We also get to remind each other that we’re pretty awesome! We love our Messy Conversations, and think you’ll love them too. Plus, you may find something that rings your bell. Have a listen!


Have you spent time thinking, ”I've always wanted to…” and yet you’re not? So do we. 

We run through our days racing from one "have-to-do" to the next. We miss out on plugging into that person we really are–the one who always "wants-to"–into our lives, our space and ourselves. 

That means we miss out on being who we are:

  •  What makes us great 
  • What makes us special 
  • What we have to bring to the world. Either in our little corner of it or on the big stage. 

It's not that we’re not strong enough. We have the strength for days, weeks and years to support the other people and responsibilities in our lives. But when it comes to our own wants and needs? It's the hesitation, the fear of taking that step. Maybe  more than anything,  it's owning how awesome we really are! 

In Messy Conversations, we talk about all of that in simple, easy to digest ways. Taking one step at a time onto our life’s stage, small or big, and letting our cracked, broken and bright, shiny selves out to play and be seen. EEK! 

The purpose of our work

We invite you to eavesdrop on the antics of two (sort of) grown women seeking to instill more laughter, fun, and adventure in their lives. We hope to playfully nudge/shove you into using curiosity as a tool for better understanding yourself and the world around you. To encourage you to step more fully into the fun,  joy, and fulfillment that has been missing in your life. 

We welcome  you to laugh and cry with us, as we push ourselves past our pre-conceived (false) boundaries and share the reality of living joyfully-and sometimes frustratingly-messy lives.