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Chronicles of Dragonlance

Jonathon Howard and Shivam Bhatt go book by book and story by story through Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's foundational epic fantasy series, Dragonlance.

Aug 1, 2023

After the harrowing encounter with the giant slug the Companions are forced to take the path through the tombs of Kith Kanan’s royal guards. Goldmoon’s holy powers ensure they don’t have to fight a horde of zombies. Flint and Tasselhoff find secret doors. The Companions find an evil Drow spirit that splits the party. Your hosts have a discussion of whether there are or are not Drow in Dragonlance.

Tas and Fizban “meet” Verminaard and his dragon, Ember. There is little love lost between the two. We learn of the Queen of Darkness’ plans within plans. We get an update on Fewmaster Toade and Sestun, it isn’t great for either of them. The rest of the Companions work out their “plan” for freeing the enslaved families held in Pax Tharkas. The spy connects with his masters.