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Chronicles of Dragonlance

Jonathon Howard and Shivam Bhatt go book by book and story by story through Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's foundational epic fantasy series, Dragonlance.

Jun 1, 2024

Tanis and friends wake up from their nightmare only to find that the awful dream has an all too real effect on Silvanesti and its king, Lorac. The once beautiful Elven home now resembles the nightmare with twisted, bleeding trees and animals, the Tower of the Stars looks more like a melted candle than anything else. King Lorac reveals how all this came to be and dies. Alhana vows that she, and her people, will heal this forest as penance for their pride.

Half a continent away Laurana and the rest of the Companions wake up from their shared dream, shudder, and wonder what all it could mean. Raistlin claims the Dragon Orb. Plans are made for the future. 

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Intro/Outro music: Winter Night by Alexander Nakarada