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Chronicles of Dragonlance

Jonathon Howard and Shivam Bhatt go book by book and story by story through Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's foundational epic fantasy series, Dragonlance.

Jan 1, 2024

Welcome to Dragons of Winter Night, the 2nd book of the Dragonlance Chronicles. We’re just starting but this book is already so much darker and somber than the first! And all the characters get surly!

In this first episode of our second season we go over the opening prologue and the first two chapters of the book. Shivam reminds us that he dislikes poetry. Jonathon wonders why a dwarf writing an epic of the reclaiming of the Hammer of Kharas is talking about a character the reader hasn’t been introduced to. We marvel at Elistan’s recovery from dying old man to ripped Silver Fox. The Companions are off to a city no one from the north has seen for 300 years in the hopes of finding a new home for the refugees from Pax Tharkas, we eavesdrop on an unknown Dragonlord and their blue dragon mount and get hints at their evil plans.

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Intro/Outro music: Winter Night by Alexander Nakarada