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Financing Impact

Feb 1, 2022

In our first episode, Stephen Muers and Antonis Schwarz discuss how dormant assets can be leveraged to finance impact. Dormant assets are, for example, bank accounts which haven't been touched for many years and for which the owner cannot be found. In the UK, dormant assets have been used for over a decade to fund social impact investment. Stephen is the CEO of Big Society Capital, the financial institution through which these funds are channeled to investments that generate both a financial and a social return (e.g. social housing). Antonis is a philanthropist and impact investor who has long advocated to use dormant assets to finance impact in Germany. We discuss, amongst others, what political momentum there is for this in Germany in the aftermath of the elections.


  • Big Society Capital

  • Proposal of the German Social Entrepreneurship Network (SEND) on dormant assets (in German)


About Financing Impact:

Financing Impact is a podcast about funding and scaling societal impact. To bring you fresh ideas, we conduct interviews with thought leaders from different backgrounds. This podcast is brought to you by SciFi, the Societal Impact Financing Initiative at ESMT Berlin.


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