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Financing Impact

Mar 7, 2022

In our second episode, Aunnie Patton Power and Julia Winkler discuss the challenges associated with funding purpose-driven organizations and how to overcome them. Aunnie is an angel investor, an academic, an adviser to funders and founders, and an author. Her book “Adventure Finance” presents innovative funding options for startups and businesses that are not a fit for the venture capital world. Julia is the co-founder of Volunteer Vision, a digital mentoring platform promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce. Her social business is funded by impact investors, and she shares the lessons learned from her fundraising journey. We discuss innovative funding models such as redeemable equity, invoice factoring and supply change financing. We also talk about how investors can source impact investments, why organizations need different types of funding at different stages of their life cycle, and what skills are essential for fundraising.


  • Aunnie’s book “Adventure Finance” showcases innovative funding options available for social businesses and non-profits through storytelling and tested frameworks.

  • Volunteer Vision, the social business co-founded by Julia, promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce through online mentoring.


About Financing Impact:

Financing Impact is an interview podcast about funding and scaling societal impact. This podcast is brought to you by SciFi, the Societal Impact Financing Initiative at ESMT Berlin.