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Jeep Beach News & Views

Aug 31, 2022

NEW NEW NEW Jeep Beach Info!  Char and Kurt discuss a couple of new features that will happen during Jeep Beach 2023...Camping and Vendor info along with BRAND NEW weeknight events that you will LOVE!  Also Jeoff Freed from the newest podcast The Offroad Toolbox stops by to give us the lowdown on what he and Bart...

Aug 25, 2022

In this episode get the scoop on what new merchandise will be available during Jeep Beach's 20th Anniversary event next April! The new JB23 oval stickers are out now too!  We also give you our fall schedule of events coming up--LOTS of appearances and some new features always during these episodes we go over...

Aug 17, 2022

In this episode it's all about Jeep Beach Radio--our internet radio station.  Charlene, Kurt and Producer Rob go through how it was born and all the secrets behind operating a radio station. Yes--it's a REAL radio station! They tell you where you can hear it and, all about the various shows and programming Jeep Beach...

Aug 11, 2022

This episode we reveal how much of a financial impact Jeep Beach has on our local economy.  Be prepared to be FLOORED!  Producer Ed joins us too!  Also another "tease" of what's to come for our Jeep Beach 20th Anniversary event next April.  Can you believe we're just 8 months away?