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The Nerve! Conversations with Movement Elders

Aug 19, 2022

Tune-in as we share highlights from a recorded intergenerational zoom chat with 4 young organizers and 4 elders from the Council.

Jul 25, 2022

Mandy Carter is co-founder of Southerners on New Ground and a proud Black southern lesbian. She traces the activist influences through her movement work with Chasyn, a dynamic youth organizer in North Carolina.

Jun 24, 2022

Catherine Meeks chats with young organizer Nautica Jenkins about her incessent desire for freedom and the inner work necessary to get there. Catherine is Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. She is the retired Clara Carter Acree Distinguished Professor of Socio-Cultural Studies from...

Mar 29, 2022

 Suzanne Pharr is a queer feminist and anti-racist organizer who founded the Women’s Project in Arkansas, co-founded Southerners on New Ground and was a director of the Highlander Center. Rae Garringer, host of the podcast Country Queers, asks Suzanne about the history of mutual aid in the South and the tension...

Feb 15, 2022

How do you pull, tease, nurture people to bring out the better part of their potential?Joyce Hobson Johnson and Nelson Johnson have been married and active organizers for social change in Greensboro, North Carolina for over 50 years. Alyzza May interviewed the two at the Beloved Community Center.