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The Nerve! Conversations with Movement Elders

Mar 15, 2023

Aljosie Aldrich Harding talks with young organizer Destiny Hemphill about the importance of inner heart work and healing justice, the power of great teachers, and how community is essential to organizing. Reared in segregated North Carolina, Aljosie Aldrich Harding began learning, teaching, and building social justice skills along with organizing in the 1960s as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lome, Togo, West Africa.  She has been a servant-leader at the Institute of the Black World (Atlanta), a think tank and advocacy organization, and the Learning House (Atlanta) an independent Afrocentric freedom school.  She has worked in community organizing in several southern and northern cities and in empowerment building with women’s circles, organizations, and colleges.  With her co-worker, partner, and late husband, Vincent Harding she built intergenerational relationships with social justice and peace organizations across the United States and abroad. As a spiritual guide (director) she shares healing justice practices in all her organizational work.