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The Pen Pals Podcast

Nov 28, 2018

Dear Pallers,

This week we read a letter from a friend who is balding and isn't sure how to deal with it.

Then, a letter from someone who is unsure about committing to marrying her boyfriend, especially considering her secret crush.


Your Pen Pals Daniel & Rory


Nov 21, 2018

Dear Pallers,

This week we start things off with a letter from someone who isn't sure what path to take RE their long distance relationship.

Next, a listener is concerned about their friend's drinking, and wants to know what to do.

#SAGA #growtheshow


Your Pals Daniel & Rory

Nov 14, 2018

Dear Pallers,

This week, we start a new tradition by responding to some quick questions that were left in the iTunes reviews! #growtheshow

Then we dive back into the controversial case of the Co-Best Man, but this time from the groom's side of things. We agree he should deal with the issue by going #F2F.



Nov 7, 2018

Dear Pallers,

So much in store for you this week. Before we get to the letters, Rory tells a spooky post-Halloween story about a haunted giraffe figurine.

In Letter 1, a pen pal wonders if the millennials in his workplace are entitled and lazy.  It's a tricky question, but then again, didn't every generation think that...