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The Pen Pals Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

In response to Letter 1, Daniel and Rory answer a question about their favorite things, while laughing all the way to the Cracker Barrel store. In Letter 2, a pen pal doesn't know how to -- or whether he even should -- tell his girlfriend that he thinks she's wearing too much makeup. 

Aug 22, 2018

In Letter 1, Daniel and Rory address questions about what order to eat a meal in, and whether college is supposed to be the best years of your life. Letter 2 is from a pen pal who wants some advice on finding a romantic partner. Also, Daniel and Rory debate the definition of "stationery."

Aug 15, 2018

This week, Daniel and Rory help a Paller prepare to move in with a significant other, and offer wedding advice to a future groom. #SlideTheSlogan #JaredLeftDan

Aug 8, 2018

It's tough out there, but Daniel & Rory are here to talk you through it. This week brings a letter from a friend who says that keeping up with the news is hurting him. Then we have another letter from someone who's in a rough spot with someone they're close to and their significant other.

Aug 1, 2018

This week Rory shares some expert golf advice in response to Letter 1. Here's a hint: start with your putting. Then in Letter 2, Daniel and Rory have a lively discussion about which foods are highest on the work-to-reward ratio. Is it sunflower seeds? Chicken wings? Bolognese sauce? Listen to find out.