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The Pen Pals Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Dear Pen Pals, Big news! For the first time ever, this week we are joined in the studio by our Pen Pal, musican/comedian/actor Reggie Watts!  Rory, Daniel (Vaniel Kaniel), and Reggie respond to letters about their favorite concert stories, being stuck (creatively and otherwise), and dealing with an existential crisis....

Sep 19, 2018

Dear Pallers, This week Daniel and Rory field a letter asking how they would form their own personal cults. Then they respond to a Paller who feels stuck in a rut and is struggling with agoraphobia. Sincerely, Your Pen Pals

Sep 12, 2018

This week, Daniel and Rory respond to letters on the topics of acting your age and family traditions!

Sep 5, 2018

Rory and Daniel catch up on their Twitter polls before jumping into Letter 1, which seeks an answer to the question of time travel. Letter 2 addresses the age-old query: can two people who are attracted to each other just be friends?