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The Pen Pals Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Dear Pallers,  

This week we bring you a very special live episode from the Dallas Comedy Festival!  

Lots of fun stuff happens -- we get an update about the Mystery in Manhattan straight from the source, and we connect two Pallers together to become Pen Pals!  

Then we read some letters, with the letter-writers...

Apr 17, 2019

Dear Pennies and Pallers, 

In Letter 1,  a listener writes in with a quandary about BO and shaving body hair. 

In Letter 2, we get an update on the Mystery in Manhattan! 


Your Pen Pals Daniel & Rory 

Apr 10, 2019

Dear Pennies and Pallers,

In Letter 1, we discuss: what would be worth risking a year of prison for?

In Letter 2, we respond to a listener who is facing a choice between traveling to live somewhere new after graduating or settling down.


Your Pen Pals Daniel and Rory

Apr 3, 2019

Dear Pennies and Pallers,

This week, we start the show off with a special happy birthday.

Then in Letter 1, a Paller describes having his life saved by his friends and we discuss live-saving situations we've been in. 

In Letter 2, we get into some serious sandwich talk. So serious that we almost forget to finish the...