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The Pen Pals Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

Dear Pennies & Pallers,

This week we are joined by Judd Apatow! In our first letter, Brian writes in to ask if we are handy fellas. Our second letter comes from Beth, whose husband commented on the softness of Daniel’s hands which leads her to ask about our personal care habits.

We also discuss: ASMR, Judd’s take on...

Mar 23, 2022

Dear Pennies & Pallers,

Our first letter comes from our pen pal Jen, who knows the way to our hearts - she wrote in about her love of potatoes, and even gives us a recipe to try out. In our second letter, our pal Chris tells us about her secret little psychic power. We also discuss Daniel’s time as a federal agent,...

Mar 16, 2022

Dear Pennies & Pallers, 

This week we are joined by our friend Andy Richter! Our first letter comes from Matty, who put his hometown of Hartlepool on the map by sharing the legend of the French spy monkey. In our second letter, Lauren asks us about struggling with motivation. We also discuss: golf, cursive, and more! 

Mar 9, 2022

Dear Pennies & Pallers, 
Our pal Cam wrote in with a car trouble story and a question about pests. 
Our second letter comes from Eva, who shares about a challenging relationship with her father who took his own life when she was younger and the impact he might have had on her.
We also discuss hotel room...

Mar 2, 2022

Dear Pennies & Pallers, 


This week we are joined by the legendary Aimee Mann! 


Our first letter addresses our pen pal Kristen’s question: naps or no? In our second letter, Stu asks for advice on how to handle his freeloading relatives. 


We also discuss: Aimee’s tour, Daniel’s Tom Waits impression, and...