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Chips Out Loud

Jun 21, 2022

Guests Robert Bielby and Marco Montagnana sit with Chips Out Loud host Jim Greene to talk about learnings from Micron Technology’s foray into the automotive sector, with its standards-based technologies and stringent safety requirements. Robert serves as Senior Director, Automotive System Architecture. Marco operates as Senior Manager, FUSA & Cybersecurity Office. 

“I think we're at a point where we have sufficient compute performance to really be able to address self-driving vehicles,” Robert Bielby explains. “The problem is a little bit more difficult than people had expected or anticipated, but when you throw a computer at the problem, you've got 360 degrees visibility. They can see farther than we can; they don't get fatigued. So it's inevitable that computers are going to take over driving.” 

“Functional safety started with the classical automotive mechanical kind of application like powertrain, chassis and where even our kind of devices were not so important,” Marco Montagnana expounds “The quantity of memory devices were not huge. Now with a new era, with the EDAS, the autonomous drive application, the quantity of memory is becoming more and more important.”

Host Jim Greene further queries his guests on the market landscape, its unique requirements, and the relationship between Automotive Hardware Functional Safety (FuSa) and IoT applications, as well as the industry changing attitude toward DRAM technology.

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