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Chips Out Loud

Jun 1, 2022

On today’s episode of Chips Out Loud, guest Chris Jacobs shares his thoughts on Micron® Authenta™ technology, a unique level of cyber protection for IoT devices. Chris works as Vice President, Marketing Embedded Unit at Micron Technology.

“Authenta is a set of features added to a flash storage device,” Jacobs reveals. “These features add security layers by protecting data, maintaining its integrity and providing recovery mechanisms for damaged data. From a bigger picture point of view, Authenta is a combination of flash-based technology and Authenta cloud platform that serves as a trusted authority and software tools that greatly simplify its adoption. All of these elements together allow for a rapid and minimally disruptive way to build and manufacture trusted IOT systems that meet today's cybersecurity needs for deployment of cloud services.”

Host Jim Greene further queries Jacobs on the pain point that Authenta addresses. They discuss the concept of a “security tax” penalty and how it commonly causes slow adoption of root of trust for protection and privacy by device manufacturers. IoT systems naturally operate with cloud connectivity, and so both cloud service providers and OEM’s benefit from the type of cybersecurity protection Authenta offers.

To learn more visit and be sure to register for upcoming Authenta tech talk sessions. Check out to learn more about the company.

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