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Chips Out Loud

Jun 7, 2022

This week’s episode of Chips Out Loud features guests Ryan Baxter and Eric Caward discussing the topic of Compute Express Link. Ryan works at Micron as Senior Manager, Data Center Segment while Eric resides as Senior Manager, Emerging Technology. CXL is the premiere open standard for high-speed CPU connection to device and memory in high performance data centers.  “It's really the first interface of its kind in servers,” Baxter explains. “It's really an interface built for efficient memory accesses. The protocol itself is byte addressable. It's low latency. It's high bandwidth. And for all those nerds out there, it's cache-coherent.”

“If you think about the broad industry support, it's really going to drive inertia that builds innovation and will accelerate in the data center, which will be very exciting,” Eric Caward concurs. “This is not just for folks that want to innovate on the interface. This would be enterprise OEMs. This would be cloud service providers and everyone in between.”

Host Jim Greene further explores the advancement of Data Center architecture with his guests, and the customer use cases that might most benefit from the introduction of CXL. Is CXL a memory story, an accelerator story, or both? Baxter and Caward opine on additional advancements the future holds.

To find out more about CXL, revisit Ryan Baxter’s blog post from VMworld 2021 in which he called the technology, “a re-imagined memory and storage hierarchy, and an open, agnostic interconnect,” or see this 2022 blog entry from Micron’s Bryan Madden which also discusses CXL technology and features a fireside chat video with previous Chips Out Loud guest Jeremy Werner discussing its effect on the evolution of the data center [26:34].