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Chips Out Loud

Jul 26, 2022

In this episode, Russ Meyer, Corporate Vice President Non-Volatile Memory, drops by to talk about the announcement of 232-layer memory in Micron’s new 3D NAND offering.

“I think everybody's aware of the torrential pace of NAND scaling over the last decades and this 232-layer technology is the next progression to enable that scaling,” Meyer states. “That scaling, as we all know, has been a foundation for the revolution that we're all living through, the way we interact with the data..” 

Host Jim Greene queries Russ on a bevy of topics: Why do layers matter and what makes stacking them difficult from a design perspective, the importance of suppliers in the mix, and the  global view of NAND development.

Check out the new technologies at  and learn more about Micron at  .