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Chips Out Loud

Apr 5, 2022

Chips Out Loud returns for a fifth episode with featured guest Chris Moore, VP Marketing of Mobile Business Unit Marketing at Micron Technology. Moore discusses the opportunity offered by the expansive evolution of the smartphone over the last twenty years into once unimaginable territory.  “The hardware makes it simpler to carry one device around, but the software, now you've got email on your device all the time,” Moore informs. “You've got a calendar that'll tell you what's going on. You've got a digital assistant to tell you where you need to be in an hour. The digital assistant is integrated with your GPS, that's going to tell you which route to go. I mean, it's amazing when you look back over 20 years, all the things that have changed in your life with this smartphone.” Host Jim Greene and Moore further discuss advancements in memory and storage technology from NOR to UFS 4.0. On the memory side, the recent release of LPDDR5X marks the modern standard. They consider advancements in foldable displays and the gains that larger mobile screens represent in gaming, video playback and content creation. To learn more visit and follow Micron Technology on LinkedIn at