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Baba Yaga's Magic

Feb 22, 2022

In this episode of Baba Yaga’s Magic, you are going to meet a spiritual cousin of Baba Yaga - someone who’s not so well-known outside of Slavic cultures but is one of the most well-known spirits in Eastern Europe - the Domovyk! The Domovyk is a house spirit and in some ways, he’s a little like Dobby the house elf, but he’s someone much more important. He’s an ancestral spirit who can take care of your home, and the family within it, especially the children and pets. He's can be a protective spirit but he can also make a ruckus in your house or hide things that you are looking for. So, is he a good guy or a troublemaker?Well, that depends on how you treat him and in this episode, I’ll be sharing the myths, legends and lore of the Domovyk. I tell you how you can get one to move in, how to encourage him to be a happy helper, and what he can do for you and your home.