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Baba Yaga's Magic

Jun 1, 2023

Summer’s here and the time is right... for getting up before dawn to pick herbs, making flower crowns and floating them on the water to see how your love life will go, jumping over bonfires with your sweetie, and midnight searches for the elusive Fern Flower... yes, we are talking about the slavic midsummer holiday of Kupala! Kupala, or Ivana Kupala, is an ancient pagan holiday of the marriage of fire and water that has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years in many Slavic countries, including Ukraine. In this special episode, Ukrainian healer Tania Andreshko, the author of the Flower of the Magic Fern Ukrainian tarot, will be joining Madame Pamita for a very special episode where we will discuss this magical holiday. So join them to celebrate the sun, the water, the fire and magic on this special day.