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Baba Yaga's Magic

Aug 10, 2023

There’s an old Ukrainian saying, “Where there is bread-salt-porridge, there is our home.” In Ukrainian culture, khlib-sil’, bread and salt, are not just food, they are powerful items filled with rich symbolism, deep history and potent positive magic. Bread is the sacred gift of grain from our Mother Earth, our Maty Zemlya, and salt is that once-rare seasoning that gives flavor to life.  Bread and salt are honored in song and sworn upon when making agreements. They are included in rituals for the construction of a new home, for marriage, for welcoming newborns, and for seeing loved ones off to the afterlife. And for Ukrainians, who are famous for their hospitality, bread and salt are the stars of the show when it comes to welcoming guests. In this episode, Madame Pamita discusses the presentation of bread and salt and some of the many magical rituals that include this dynamic duo.