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The Money Exchange

Dec 14, 2018

Listen to Monica Jordan walk about her journey of how she became financially independent and retied early. Monica served in the military for over 30 years in the United States Air Force. She earned a master's level education and earned military accomplishments before retiring. "Be the CEO of your life" Monica Jordan by...

Dec 7, 2018

Alaina, Owner of The Organized Money, shares tips on the 4 areas of adulating and explains how leaning how to adult can save you money.

Nov 16, 2018

During this episode you will hear how 26 year old Cofield, from the south side of Chicago now MBA, CFP, PFS, CEO - tell the story of how he left his job with $14,000 and grew a successful financial services company. He grew up in the south side of Chicago. He attributes a change in life after listening to Rich Dad, Poor...

Nov 9, 2018

Learn how to live in less with Dannielle Romoleroux. She talks about how she saves: money, time and the environment by doing some very easy and practical things. The things she talks about are things you use everyday. She also shares how she is on track tube debt free in April of 2019. You can follow Dannielle's blog...

Oct 20, 2018

Sonia, The Student Loan Doctor, Lewis drops cures for student loans debt. Find out the difference in the loans and tips and options to help you tackle the debt.