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The Money Exchange

Nov 15, 2022

Making a six-figure income can be a serious game-changer for your family, your finances, and your future financial health. 


Of course, there are numerous factors that can determine how far that money can go — but it’s a huge milestone for most to achieve in their lifetimes.


In this episode, I speak to Liz Gendreau, the founder of Chief Mom Officer, a blog that helps women be the executive of their own lives. 


At the Chief Mom Officer, Liz addresses breadwinning, six-figure, millionaire women as well as women seeking financial independence hence her insight in this episode where she shares:

  • Limiting beliefs affecting individuals from becoming six-figure owners
  • How entrepreneurs struggling with consistent income flow can be able to work on that
  • Why women should crave financial independence
  • How to achieve financial freedom without burnout

Don’t miss out on any tips shared in this episode. Hit play to listen in. 


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